Adjudicator RDA,SW Festival 2018 - PAULA WEBER

Paula Weber, Professor and Chair of Dance at the Conservatory of Music and Dance, University of Missouri-Kansas City , received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Dance from Butler University and her Master of Fine Arts degree in Dance from Smith College. She has studied ballet with such masters as Maria Tallchief, Jean Paul Comelin, Dermot Burke, Basil Thompson, Larry Long, Marjorie Mussman, and Maggie Black. During her professional career, Ms. Weber performed solo and principal roles of more than 45 major works. She has worked with renowned choreographers such as Bill T. Jones, Margo Sappington, Laura Dean, Sean Curran, Charles Moulton, and Kevin “Iega” Jeff. She has been a member of the Milwaukee Ballet (principal), the Albany Berkshire Ballet (principal), Lyric Opera Ballet of Chicago (soloist), Chicago Ballet and the Indianapolis Ballet Theatre, and guest principal artist with the Hartford Ballet. Along with her university teaching, she is currently the assistant director and rehearsal director for the Wylliams/Henry Contemporary Dance Company and is ballet mistress for the Albany Berkshire Ballet.

Ms. Weber has been a guest instructor of ballet in many prestigious schools throughout the United States. In 1996, she was invited to be a guest instructor of ballet for the Shenyang Conservatory of Music, Shenyang, China, making her the second American ballet instructor to teach at that conservatory and in 2015 was invited to teach at the Tianjin Conservatory in China and for the Spring and Summer Iliev Foundation Intensive in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Ms. Weber was the 1997 recipient of the Mrs. Ewing Kauffman Excellence in Teaching Award, the 2001 recipient of the Muriel McBrien Kauffman Excellence in Teaching Award, the 2007-2008 recipient of the Muriel McBrien Kauffman Excellence in Teaching Award and the Muriel McBrien Kauffman Faculty Service Award all presented to her by the Conservatory of Music and Dance, University of Missouri - Kansas City. She is on the official adjudicator list for Regional Dance America, a site evaluator for the National Association of Schools of Dance and is a member and the Past President of the CORPS de Ballet International, Inc. RDA Adjudicator Biographies - Master List 2015 22.

Ms. Weber’ s choreography has been performed by the Kansas City Ballet, the Albany Berkshire Ballet, the Kansas Regional Ballet, the Wylliams/Henry Contemporary Dance Company, Midwest Youth Ballet, Alexandra Ballet, Kansas City Youth Ballet, Allegro Ballet of Houston, and City in Motion. Her first professional choreographic work, “Carmina Burana”, was performed by the Kansas City Ballet in 1996 with repeated performances in 1998 and May of 2002. In 2003 Ms. Weber was commissioned to create a new ballet for the Kansas City Ballet, “Canzone” which later by invitation became the three movement ballet,“Toccata e due Canzoni”, created for the 2005 Fall Season of the Kansas City Ballet.

She has received two Craft of Choreography Awards from Regional Dance America (2004 and 2008). June and July of 2008 her work, “From Within” was selected to be performed for the Young Tanzommer Dance Festival in Austria by the Allegro Ballet of Houston. In 2010 she received the Regional Dance America National Choreographic Award and was named a choreographer for the 2011 National Choreographers Initiative.